A Megadungeon Campaign

Stirrot. A small town on a tiny island in the middle of the vast waters of Renaaria Bay. It seemed destined to disappear in obscurity, nothing more than a footnote in the great annals of history.

All this changed with a single earthquake.

Six months later, rumors of the deadly Stirrot Castle has spread far and wide – an ancient structure where death awaits all who enter. Terrible, fell beasts have been seen, reported to lurk its winding hallways. However, other tales spread even further – tales of great treasures found in the depths of the castle, hard-won fights against beasts mentioned only in traveller’s tales.

Many travel to Stirrot to make their names and fortunes. Come enter the depths of the Castle of Death and find great rewards deep within… if you survive.

Adventures on Tellene - Stirrot Isle

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