Adventures on Tellene - Stirrot Isle

An extract from Risk & Ethics, a treatise by Farnum the Elder

A ripped page from a finely transcribed book.

All proper believers know that chance pervades their lives. They flip a coin, roll the dice or draw lots in ill-conceived Svimohzian drinking games. Old Lucky has a hand in all of these, but not as the men think. For when rolling dice the outcome is already known, it is in the pitch and the toss, in the angle and bumps of the table, in all the little variables, the truth of the outcome is known. If you knew everything of the surrounding reality and the nature of the flight of dice you would know how the dice would land. There is no chance there. The chance is in all things greater and beyond the veil, where Risk himself resides. I have come to see thus of creation…

At the dawn of all things Risk was there, for that existence dawned at all was mere chance, a longshot at that. He cast then a die of infinite sides into the void. The rolling of this die is the very universe we inhabit. In the void we roll, where gravity, time, speed and all the things that might determine the flight of the die are ever shifting, and the die shifts them and they shift the die again in turn. The die feeds itself therefore its own chance, and is not externally governed, it is pure chance, the seed of all risk. When the great and infinite die eventually falls upon a side the universe will be ended, and the nature of its ending shall be given upon the upward side of the dice for Risk to read off and enact. The actions of mere mortals barely sway the great roiling void and the rolling of the die through it. Even the greatest of Risk’s children have only minor sway on how the die may land.

In this way each card drawn or coin tossed upon Tellene is already known to risk, but the outcome as it is known is itself a part of cosmic pure chance, as are we all, us sons and daughters of Risk.

From this core truth I hope to elucidate a system of values to guide all Risk’s children. What manner of men and women should they be? Should they be greedy or giving? How should they mea—-

Here the page is ripped and no more of the text can be deciphered



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