Adventures on Tellene - Stirrot Isle

Castle Stirrot: Levels & Items

Theories being worked on by Lug late into the night.

The Castle has at least seven levels. Each level has a master, for example the master of the first level is Sandorin. Each level also seems to have an item placed upon a pedestal, perhaps even two such items. For example on the first level was found the Helm of the Gods. These pedestals inform anyone reading them of whom possesses the item and their location by coordinates. The levels after the 1st have symbols connected to them, which provide some hint at the content of the domain. What follows is a list of those symbols and some general information on the levels.

Level 2: The Axe & The Sword
Here there is factional fighting between groups of humans and humanoids. Bandits rule and there is an underground pit fighting arena. The Master of the level is unknown, but perhaps he is the Bandit King that has been spoken of. The items associated with level 2 have not been found.

Level 3: The Whirldwind & The Hammer
Here resides many varied monsters. A chimera, now slain, and a clerical order of animal headed beasts, also slain. There is perhaps a Medusa as well. On this level was found the Horn of Plenty. The significance of the symbols is not yet clear, though the hammer referenced may have been found. The Master of this level is likely the dwarf who worked the anvil and hammer, his name escapes Lug at time of writing

Level 4: The Waves
Here is found a vast underground lake, hence waves. An enormous hydra lives on this level, as well as some acidic pig-like orcs. The items relevant to the level remain undiscovered as far as is known. The Master here is as yet unknown, and the levels item pedestal undiscovered.

Level 5: The Sun
This level is enveloped in permanent darkness and guarded by shadowy lost souls that sap the strength from combatants. It is perhaps the least explored level. The Master of this level is Lord Bright. The symbol matches the Lord’s name, and with a hint of irony the dimness of the venue.

Level 6: The Mountains
The symbol seems to reference the presence of the mountain giants herein residing. The items relevant to the level and the name of the Master remain unknown to the Thugs.

Level 7: The Bell
The final level accessible by the lift, strange an dangerous. The level contains numerous bells that open gates, but few have ventured in, and of those who have fewer have returned. Items and Master relevant to this level are as yet unknown.


Have I already awarded honor for this?

Castle Stirrot: Levels & Items

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