Adventures on Tellene - Stirrot Isle

Chimerical Undertakings

Three heads are better than... three heads.

An aberration haunted the minds of the roughest customers of Stirrot. As a balladeer composes trashy melodramatic limericks over the false maiden that got away, or as a dying man thinks of the adventure he snubbed in favor of safe and modestly paid labor, so our green-skinned thugs we brought to much consternation by the knowledge that the ugly beast of a thing on the third floor was not yet dead. The word that had been used to describe it… chimera. Coupled with tales of it slaying cadres of mages, squads of delicious warriors, neophyte and battle-hardened alike. If you wish to slay a monster you need only send monsters to do the slaying.


The third floor. The vacation abode of the thugs, the blood-letting ground and the crucible for all manner of stories that seem to seep each day into the speech and folklore of the common folk of Stirrot. Represented by the Hammer & the Whirlwind, though the symbolism is lost on Lug and Cholo, but if Red Hand has gleamed some deeper meaning it is lost in his mutterings of fantastical nonsense and grave insults of everyone’s extended family.

The thugs eventually find themselves stacked up in front of a door on the north-west quadrant of the sandstone-lined third floor. They are joined by Murjeer, a henchmen and scholar, who seems unlikely to prove his worth, if he has any to begin with. They burst through the door and find the fine hallway with its red carpets and exquisite columns seemingly empty. Cholo peers upwards and spots the beast holding purchase to the edge of a column some twenty feet up. He reacts with uncharacteristic speed but legendary recklessness; going headlong at the beast and attempting to dive upwards and attack it in mid air before it can react. His swing is mistimed and he finds himself on the other side of the beast as it descends, pinning itself between Cholo and Lug. They engage as Red Hand prepares his barrage.

Cholo strikes, and hits, the beast strikes at Cholo, unable to connect. However Cholo, seeing its magical abilities in the form of breathing fire, is struck deeply by his fears of all wizardry and he retreats. Lug begins bearing the brunt of the attack, and failing to hold it at bay for long is soon being hit frequently with bites, scratches and stings from all three of its hideous heads. Red hand lets out a full barrage of projectiles, skewering gashes in the beast, which cannot retaliate as Lug stands in its way.

Cholo, having heard the screams of his friends, gathers himself and begins to return. Another blast from Lulu scourges the flesh and feathers of the beast, blood gushes upon the floor. Lug veers out of the door to take full cover, badly injured but having served as ample distraction. A final blast begins to issue from Garbonzo’s sorcerous palms and collide with the beast just as Cholo strikes it from behind at full sprint. The combined effect renders the beast dead and partially decapitated. A grand victory for the Thugs.

Beyond the chimera’s corridor they find a huge room in which a golden anvil, blacksmith’s hammer and 2-handed sword are found. They drag these and the chimera hide back to the dungeon entrance with some careful planning. Murjeer is made to watch the loot while Lug, Cholo and Red Hand, triumphant chimera-killers, return to investigate one more door. Beyond this door, and the traps within, they find another path down to the fourth floor as well as a pedestal with a horn on it. Touching this horn grants Red Hand a vision of the history of the 3rd floor, and an interaction between Sandorin and the dwarf who worked the golden anvil.

The horn is called the Horn of Plenty. The pedestal, as the one of the first floor, tells the location and name of the possessor of the relevant item. It is thus that Lug learns Red Hand’s true name.

This concludes the tale of how the chimera was slain, how Belaar acquired the anvil and hammer with which he currently works and how Red Hand came to possess a horn of great power which may also be integral to the secret of the castle.



+2 Honor
+1 Fame

Chimerical Undertakings

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