Adventures on Tellene - Stirrot Isle

Early Days of the Greenskinned Thugs

By Da'et Lorsus, historian interested in Stirrot Castle

Little is known of the Greenskinned Thugs’ early days, before the burst of fame that followed the slaying of Garzee. This account is by necessity incomplete and hodge-podge, but it offers a small look into how the Thugs came about.

It all began at the Salty Dog Inn in Dockside. If the reader here finds themselves already confused then it is likely because no inn by that name and in that part of town exists any longer. Indeed it was eventually put to the torch by the over-zealous courts of justice.

On that first fateful day however a group met inside the squat and lowly inn, having all come to Stirrot in search of adventure. The original group was Lug, Red Hand, Hellscream and Kanye East. Famously of course, all half-orcs, except for Lug. Red Hand had previous experience with the castle, Lug spoke with conviction but was regarded wearily, Kanye East was a thief of no small skill, and Hellscream was the muscle. They had a small map of the first level, and a path therein to the second, though levels below the first were dangerous, unexplored and to be spoken of in hushed tones.

There are rumors that on that very first day they recklessly delved to the third level without thought for life or limb. I have researched this thoroughly, and all sources indicate that it is true. On that very first delve they struck north for the stairs to the second level. They then went south towards the balcony with the obsidian hand, across from which is found an entrance to the third floor. At the mouth of the entrance they fought two enormous wolf headed creatures. One was slain as Lug held the other at a distance down the stair, gleaming spear point preventing his advance. When the first lay dead the second engaged, was wounded and fled. On this day they found the magical toga, which Red Hand still wears to this day. They also found three black gems that would go on to serve Lug well in odd situations, as well as an ebony dagger which he still carries.

This was the first delve of the unlikely adventuring crew. Around this time there are also tales Red Hand near-drowning in the ocean, a debacle that long left him dishonored. Lug entering the contest at the halls of wonder, only to be eliminated in the round of eight, besting roughly three hundred contestants. He legendarily cleared out the entire great hall when he challenged a participant to a spiked devil eating contest, the place stank for days.

The second delve is more hazily recollected. The Thugs found on the first floor a well, from which a tentacle slimy beast of some paralytic power attacked. Barely besting it they retrieved from the well a set of exquisite ringmail armor, which they fitted for Hellscream.

My research on the early days of the Thugs, for chronicling the history of the Castle and the adventuring groups that it attracted is an ongoing process. Find me if you have first-hand accounts to lend to the scholarly cause. Some men must fight with the pen, we often have great appreciation for those that fight with weapons (or fists in Cholo Swag’s case). I write about the Thugs both as historian and as wide-eyed admirer.

This is also around the time where Lug entered the first level alone, in search for some small trinket to advance position on the board and his own personal learning, only to emerge completely naked and without his spear. He clutched in hand a trophy of minor worth and met his goal. He bought clothes and searched for a spear maker. Here he learned of Yergen, artisan and fabled recluse. He bought his new spear instead from a West Port smith, Belaar, taking him on as official blacksmith to the Thugs. This friendship would prove most fertile to Belaar’s skill and business in the following months, some say to the envy of his sister who has previously always been thought the better of the two.

These are the tales of the very beginning. Lesser known than their eventual conquests of chimeras, ancient evils and more.



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