Adventures on Tellene - Stirrot Isle

Garzee Garzee: A Children's Rhyme

Footnote found in a historians text

The following is a transcription of a children’s rhyme that has become popular around Stirrot Castle. It occurs in many different versions with different verses being added, but the ones included here seem common to most versions that I have heard. The rhymes involves dancing in a circle while singing the chorus “GARZEE GARZEE” after which one child will jump into the center to sing a verse. Upon reaching the last verse everyone sings, and the word ‘thug’ is dragged out as long as possible, followed by a quick singing of the last line and all the children falling to the ground as if having been vanquished and usually bursting out laughing.

Garzee Garzee

An upstart goblin lout was he
Made his way about did he
Sought the castle out did he
Found something no doubt did he

Garzee Garzee

Took that twisted staff did he
Thought he’d have a laugh you see
Didn’t know the half did he
Now he’s coming after thee

Garzee Garzee

The staff warped his mind so quick
With its evil bag of tricks
Where the castle walls were bricks
He set children’s flesh to stick

Garzee Garzee

With all that power he was smug
Till there came the cleric Lug
With many a brave half-orc thuggggggg…..
And squashed him like a bug!



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