Adventures on Tellene - Stirrot Isle

Half-Orc Mages of Stirrot

A Poem Written by a Mediocre Bard from West Port

There are three orc mages of which I know
Each more vile and cunning than the last
Each green beast conduit to magick’s flow
Each from some obscure and dangerous past

The first, Lulu, seems wretched to the core
Speaks incantations soft through jagged teeth
He stalks Stirrot streets, deep in self-rapport
Fools fear his visage, the wise what’s beneath

Next is Garbonzo, named The Great by some
Mangled features, burned flesh like Lulu’s too
Surrounds himself with other half-orc scum
Whom he and Lucky deign to call a crew

The third orc with such power at command
Of course; the infamous bastard Red Hand



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