Adventures on Tellene - Stirrot Isle

Sunny days in Stirrot

Lucky Lug & the Half-Blood Prince

Partnered with Mar and Absalom the Thugs prepared to conduct furious vengeance. Their only lead was the mysterious spider tattoo on the back of the assailant they had killed previously and a description of the Half-Blood headquarters in West Port. Some initial scouting and planning was done, and extra hands were hired from the Burnished Blades. A house was found nearby and used as a forward post.

Stealth has never been a hallmark of the Thugs, but it seemed like the right tool for the job, however even the finest tool in the hand of a thug is rendered merely an instrument of bludgeoning. After stumbling through a window, investigating an upstairs corridor stealthily, where they found a false floor trap and an ominous door, as well as a few empty rooms they came upon two guards. The violent dispatching of these guards quickly alerted the whole den of vicious half-breed hirelings. Corridors served to render the numbers advantage of the Half-Bloods moot, while clever use of invisibility potions allowed Mar to flank several of them and clean out a room quickly.

In the chaos of this initial engagement however the party was separated, and with the darkness of night they stumbled around a little disoriented. Running upstairs Red Hand and Absalom feel through the previously spotted trap and came crashing down to a secret basement level. As they investigated this level the remaining thugs headed upstairs and engaged the some seemingly Half-Bloods of seemingly higher rank.

Absalom and Red Hand eventually managed to rejoin the main party. They now found themselves on the second floor speaking through large double doors with what they presumed was the Half-Blood leadership; a hob-goblin by the name of Sunny. Lug attempted to convince him that in fact they were sent to surmise why Sunny had failed the Spiders task. The ruse failed to strike, though the same could not be said for the Burnished Blade arrows that were soon heard whizzing through the tense West Port night. Later the remains of such an arrow would be found in the right eye of one of Sunny’s lieutenants who Absalom would slay with a satisfied smile.

The Half-Bloods were pursued through a maze of rooms, locking doors behind them. At one point Red Hand, hearing ominous incantations snapped alert to blast the torch at our heroes’ feet with a magical projectile. Confused faces dawned to comprehension as a gigantic fist-seeking flame of thunder roared towards the group but dissipated having lost its heated target; the now extinguished torch. The sheer number of times Red Hand has saved the skin of his brothers is beyond counting, though to hear him say it through gnarled up-turned lips; he despises the inbred lot of them.

The mage responsible for the attempted immolation was dispatched on the other side of the door by his own subsequent spell mishap, which turned him into a deceased monkey. Then the Thugs and their allies faced the final door. Bloodied, bruised and over-flowing with vengeful hatred they stepped inside and faced three assailants. Some negotiation followed, but it was a ruse by both sides, though known too late to the Thugs. No sooner had Lug realized that there was no hob-goblin among them and muttered ‘Where’s Sunny?’ than the damnable cunt made to stab Cholo from behind, having been rendered invisible by a potion. Immediately the room burst into unfettered combat, the table was kicked over, Cholo became insane with rage and all hell broke loose. Sunny continued to intermittently go invisible and throw powdered drugs in attempts at distraction. As combat progressed a very injured Red Hand appropriated this idea from the mob boss and snuck in to spread the powder on the floor, hoping to render Sunny’s invisibility pointless. It worked. As the others were dispatched Sunny attempted to sneak off. Cholo spotted the white prints slinking off and pounced, killed the little runt in brutal fashion.

The crew scoured the house for loot and were not left disappointed. Perhaps the most interesting discovery was a wand upon Sunny, the purpose of which still has not been determined. Additionally, the basement that Red Hand and Absalom had discovered (intentionally, according to Red Hand) contained an alchemical laboratory with experiments and concoctions in mid-brew. The loot was split, with the blades getting their share, the vengeful two and a half taking Sunny’s head in for the bounty and the Thugs desecrating his body for closure.

As to the most important questions: was Thugg adequately avenged? The answer is an emphatic yes. The funeral was held soon after. Thugg lives Thug life.


+2 Honor
+1 Fame

Sunny days in Stirrot

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