Adventures on Tellene - Stirrot Isle

Too Old For Gold

Produced by Thug Records

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
Nigga what?

Riches ain’t a thing, it’s a state of mind,
Like knowing not to use, a refractory rhyme,
I’m a criminal, nigga, my job’s to be mean,
Slicing left and right with my boy, Hellscream,

The stronger I get, the wiser I get,
Fear of the supernatural, is losing effect,
I’m the master of control, it’s the way that I roll,
Running on my friends has taken its toll,

I started out with nothing, a few coins of trade,
And made a fucking killing on my first castle raid,
But when coin don’t buy heals,
And you gotta make deals,
It comes to your senses, that true wealth is in steel,

Guess I’m too old for gold, yo,
I’m killin’ for fame and gain, bro,
They comin’ to see my show though,
All I hear is them yell, Cholo,

Fast forward three months, I’m still dishin’ out pain,
Rollin’ with this half-orc, who don’t got a name,
Sick with a glaive, enough for a shave,
When we ridin’ slick, we don’t gotta behave,

Rollin’ outta Stirrot with an empty pouch,
Swaggin’ back in, my niggas can vouch,
Gold and plat gleaming, smokin’ a blunt,
All these elven bitches, go wet in the cunt,

We take 10 cuts and brush it off,
But when 20s arrive, your dick gon’ go soft,
Where is your gold? When you dead in a ditch,
Without your edge, you just another bitch,

Guess I’m too old for gold, yo,
These dames keep asking for mo’, bro,
There’s only so much I can cum, though,
All I hear is them yell, Cholo,

Cholo x 3
Yeah x 3


+2 Honor

Too Old For Gold

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