Don Migueligni


Don Migueligni is a gnome, barely three and a half feet tall, rather stout. He is dressed in the finest robes you have ever seen, perfectly cut to fit his figure, black with silver trimming. In his hands is an intricately carved wooden cane, the source of the sound you heard earlier, and on the end of the cane is the largest gem you have ever seen, carved into a perfect cube – the shape of a die. One of the hands wrapped around the cane is slightly maimed – the last two fingers missing from it. A goatee rests on his face, which is old and weathered, yet you can see the sharp look in his eyes as he regards the crowd. To either side of him stand two large, ferocious looking half-orcs, each bearing a club almost as big as the gnome.


Master of the Halls of Wonder, Don Migueligni is a figure known to many of the gamblers and warriors who frequent the tables and the pits. Many rumors surround him, of his rise to power in the Halls and the extent of his influence in Stirrot. No one has ever confirmed these tales but those who meet him make sure to treat him with the greatest deference and respect.

Don Migueligni

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