Amongst the thugs there is a creed. Thug Life.

Little is known about Thugg before he joined the Greenskinned Thugs. It is said that he spied one of the many posters peppering the city and simply walked to the headquarters of the Thugs before demanding admittance. From there, he proved his worth and became a staunch ally of the Thugs.

Numerous times did he delve into Castle Stirrot with the Thugs, always willing to risk his life for his companions. However, it came to an end far too soon. Sent to infiltrate the mysterious organization of half-orcs known as the Halfbloods, Thugg was last seen saying his farewells to Lucky Lug and his half-orc companions.

When next the Greenskinned Thugs emerged from the Castle, they were greeted at their inn by a shocking sight. A bulky half-orc, his face utterly destroyed and unrecognizable. Yet, his garb, far too familiar. A simple metal pair of dice wrapped around his wrist. An array of daggers at his waist. A limp hand, covered in scars. And a message.

The Halfbloods Brook No Traitors

The Greenskinned Thugs took vengeance upon the perpetrators of this atrocity, but for one Thug, it was too late.



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