A young boy seeking fame


A rather young boy, looks around 19. Brown hair and blue eyes. He is dressed rather simply and always carries a lantern around with him.


Traptester was just a young boy, going about his business on the docks of Stirrot when one day he happened to hear a conversation going on between a band of new arrivals. When they started talking about fame and glory, his innate desire to be famous came out and he approached them.

Thus, the legendary Ladybug, the secretive Shadowhopper, the legendary Lightbringer approached the party and offered his services. He was quickly abused and shouted at but was offered a place and a new name – that of Traptester.

Now, the tenacious Traptester advances into Stirrot Castle alongside his erstwhile companions, leading the way with his most precious possesion – the Lantern of Lightbringing. WIth it, he shall bring light to all the dark places and disable every trap he comes across!


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