Horn Of Plenty

A horn found on the third level by Red Hand


Two functions of the horn are known to the green-skinned thugs.


It was found by Red Hand on the third level past a chimera, through a large room with a golden anvil and black smith’s hammer, where it rested upon a pedestal just beyond a room booby-trapped with explosive fireballs. The pedestal indicates the name and location of the possessor at all times. First contact with the horn granted a vision of the history of that area of the castle.

Visually it is an exquisite work of art. It seems to be made of carefully crafted silver, etched with intricate designs of some sort. The mouth opens up widely to reveal an interior that is as inlaid with tiny markings just beneath the rim, and the tip of the horn is carved into the shape of a serpent or a dragon. A small silver chain links the mouth to the tip and a small foldable stand lies at it’s side.

Horn Of Plenty

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