Invisibility Potion

A potion & the tale of it's inventor


invis.png A pale blue liquid sloshes around in this flask. It is viscous and tastes oddly of blueberries. Effects last for about a minute.


Mieko was on a desperate hunt for knowledge, for a King’s boon, and for eternal fame. He knew of only one other Mage who was working on the King’s quest to craft a potion to render the imbibed unseen, and he would not let himself be bested by the scoundrel Torven though his work has already taken most of his sanity, not to mention life savings.

Countless months had built up to this, sweat, tears and magical accidents unending. This final iteration was perfection in a bottle, pale blue in color like the sky’s afterthoughts on the Summer day magic first set foot in Tellene. He smelled the serendipitous result of his absurd dedication… sweet, like ripe berries, how odd. No, Meiko thought, sweet like victory. Muscles tensed as flask approached lips, no false moves, and in a single swig the whole concoction was gone, but was Mieko?

He walked to the antechamber where his wife sat knitting with a scowl on her face. She stared right through him without a hint of reaction and returned to her needles and yard. That was par for the course however, and was not enough to prove that his potion had worked. After all she hated him as much as he hated himself, and she suffered from what Mieko called resting-wench-face, seemingly unable to look anything but spitefully disappointed.

Mieko left his house and ran to the King’s court. By his calculations he had consumed enough to last 10 minutes. No one batted an eye as he passed… guards, attendants… no one. It was working. But, when he go to the chamber of the King he saw his liege’s hand outstretched, holding an enormous sack of jingling coin, seemingly just waving it in thin air. Mieko stood, uncomprehending and invisible until form thin air appeared Torven, greedy eyes accepting the purse that he had now won, or rather Mieko had lost. The final in a lifetime of defeats, for the mage who now felt more invisible than he ever had.

Mieko never appeared at the castle, nor back at his small house on the edge of the town, he was never heard from again.

Invisibility Potion

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