A mace found on the third floor by Jeremias

weapon (melee)

It is called the Sacrimace by some, Deathslayer by others. It is ancient, thousands of years old, a product of an alliance between the Church of Everlasting Hope and the Assembly of Light. The details of it’s power have been lost over time but they say it was a powerful tool used to destroy the living dead. It’s power is strongest in the hands of true followers of either church, though anyone can wield it. However, once a man is chosen to wield it, they must do so until their death. There is no compromise.

We have noticed that it glows when striking the undead and does severe harm to them, but while striking other creatures it does damage despite appearing to seal their wounds. If Jeremias is incapacitated it can be wielded by others, but when he awakens it appears instantaneously in his hand. Was deemed priceless by appraisers.



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