Adventures on Tellene - Stirrot Isle

Mandrake Thornberry - Day 1

The Delving – Mandrake Thornberry; DragonSlayer

If you read this then I have died or you are ready to accompany me on my noble quest. If the former you will carry on my mantle. If the latter, you shall find me at the Adventurer’s Inn. My name is Mandrake Thornberry. I am the DragonSlayer.

Your silent call for help has been answered. Somewhere on the island, within those ruins I can hear it’s breathing. It seeps inbetween the flagstones, makes the stones shiver, makes the island scream. From across the seas it called and from beneath the waves the dragon roars. Away from my mother I have been called me forth and though she weeped to see me go, for she could not come with me, she knows I’ll be back. Dead or alive, I’ll be back.
And in case the silly bitch at the inn is reading this – there’s no such thing as Pixie-fairy land. Idiot.

Let us talk tactics.
How does one approach the most cunning, the quickest, the most deadly of creatures holed up within it’s own tiny fortress?
On my first day I tried to keep my motives of DragonSlaying concealed but my fame has reached even over here, and a silly man announced my presence on the island but way of trumpet. Foolish human, but the others were cleverer; they shied away, realizing my need of anonymity. If the Silverback Emerald hears of my coming, all is lost. I will operate as a mere adventurer and don their guise seeking treasure. Yes, the treasure is not for me but for funding the others – I will need a group of heroes.
One brave soul approached me after the trumpeting to accompany me on my quest. One look at him and I knew he was a genuine and noble soul. A quick little gnome, though his friend’s mind (may his mother revive him well), is too tuned towards the satiation of lust even while on adventure, MC ThreeHammer is of a different kind. He reminds me of the Great Oak in my hollow back in Thelsadar. There is much wisdom brewing underneath that gnomic bark. Ah! How I long for Thelsdar, where all know me.
But back to my tale, the delving must tarry onwards.
The ruins are being excavated. The humans are clumsily guarding the entrance of what cannot be guarded enough. At least the ebb of noble heroes flowing into the place will hold hold back the darkness for now and will hide me from the drake below, but already scouts have broken the surface.
The first descent is a spiral staircase and completely unlit.
There are to my knowledge six exits from this first chamber but we took the south-eastern exit.

My friends, beware of the curse on the gate of the door. I have since reflected upon the charm but I have not been able to figure out how it was able to so skew mine and my companion’s sense of direction.
Indeed, an hour into the expedition, we realized we were lost, but there was no time for mapping! An attack! Fourteen shadows across a pool, the tactical disadvantage to us. My companions could not make it through this battle, I knew. We hastily retreated – into the hands of a patrol of dog-like creatures.
Give chase! I ordered.
Through the spiraling tunnels we delved farther and farther until finally in one room we came upon a good ten of them.
Oh, it was a glorious battle. Two of them fell prey to the dead-gnome’s swings in the first second. MC smashed apart three with one blow of his hammers, and then slew another six with his second swing. I provided help where help was needed, instantly slaying one as necessary, but the general does not fight in the first skirmish.
A scout got away as planned, so we followed him through the wretched halls.
The halls are dark and slimy with ichor.
The Dog-King awaited us. Piles of their feces, pungent in the air.

A hundred of them swarmed us. MC takes down their leader but not before his friend falls.
The blade of the Dragonslayer was busy that day. Over, under, to the side I dodged a million blades. A lucky kobold, the sharpest-eyed of them all plugged me in the shoulder but I got him in his eyes. The battle was long and arduous but MC took out their kneecaps and destroyed their already rotting teeth. My fencing removed their tendons and their screams filled the darkness with an even darker light.
Upon the last dogcreature’s whine we find from him the treasury key, but most of their funds have already been shipped off.

What was left has gone into the funding of this group and for the sake of secrecy except to members I keep the contents secret. I hereby christen this group: We are Mandrake’s Dungeon Delvers. And all are free to join us – we will make it worth your while.


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