Church of Chance

Commonly known as the Halls of Wonder, the Church of Chance in Stirrot is a large, three story building located in Westport, the poorer region of Stirrot. It is noticeable from a great distance due to its size and the numerous lights that are constantly lit all around it’s walls – lights of all colors, from blue, to green, pink. It’s doors are open 24/7 but they are also constantly guarded around the clock, by warriors of all races. Some even claim that the Halls of Wonder are harder to break into than Raeroa Hold itself.

When one enters the Halls of Wonder, they are greeted by an enormous room with shouts and whoops being heard from every direction. Beautiful elven and human dancing girls perform on stages set up at every wall, while more still wander through the halls, serving the patrons drinks. One is immediately drawn to the numerous tables that line this great hall, where games of chance of all sorts are played – dice games, card cames, almost every game imaginable can be found within the Halls, a place where one may risk any amount of silver they wish in praises to the god Risk.

The Church is led by Don Migueligni.

Healing at the Halls of Wonder
Not typically a service offered by the Halls, it is possible for petitioners to request healing. However, the church does not heal for free – one must risk their money for the healing.
1. You place your bet in increments of 10sp. The more you bet, the more powerful the healing.
2. You roll 2d6 and they roll 2d6.
3 a) If they have a higher number, you lose your money and get no healing.
b) If you have a higher number, you keep your money and get the healing at the earliest time available. Clerics may not have appropriate healing spells.
c) If you match them, you get healing but lose your money.
4. You may burn 1 luck to reroll a single dice. It can be any of the four on the table

Church of Chance

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