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The town of Stirrot is a fairly new one. It was originally a very small port town of very little repute on an island in Renaaria Bay. Ruled by Lord Raeroa from his keep, people had very little reason to visit Stirrot.

All this has changed in the last few months though. The discovery of an old tower leading to an ancient structure has led to an explosion in tourism for Stirrot. Adventurers from across the land travel to the island of Stirrot now, brought by rumors and stories of great unclaimed treasures hidden deep within the halls of the ancient castle. The influx of adventurers has given the town of Stirrot a new identity and revitalized its economy as new industries have popped up to meet the demand for supplies and services sought by adventurers.


Dockside – The first thing people see when disembarking from the ships that bring them to Stirrot is Dockside. It is the region closest to the ocean, a long wooden dock with rundown buildings of every industry stretching across it, peppered with the occasional stalls and businesses.

Westport – Westport is a den of poverty and inequity. Known to be rougher than the other parts of town, Westport is avoided by locals and a favorite of visiting adventurers. Those looking for excitement and a little bit of danger would do well to wander the streets of Westport.

Hilltop – Home to the affluent and powerful, hilltop is a small hill on the eastern part of Stirrot. Upon it lies Raeroa Hold, home to the Governor and his court. Numerous nobles have their homes upon HIlltop, as well as other luxurious services directed towards them.

Little Stirrot – The area closest to the Castle. Once it was a quiet place, home to numerous shops and houses. After the earthquake it is all but abandoned, home to the poor and the dangerous. It is also where the Castle and services related to it can be found.

Haven – The residential district where the majority of locals reside. There is little to interest adventurers here and so it is referred to as “Haven” by locals.

Merchant’s Square – Merchant’s Square is not really a square. Nor is it a circle. It is a collection of streets where most of the stores of Stirrot can be located. Whereas the stalls beside the Castle cater more to adventurers, Merchant’s Square is the center for luxury goods and other services.

Major Locations in Stirrot
- Castle Stirrot
- Raeroa Hold
- The Tower of Hrothgar
- The Dome
- The Halls of Wonder
- The Torch
- The Cathedral
- The Little Tower

Major Churches in Stirrot
- The Cathedral of Light
- Church of Everlasting Hope
- The House of Shackles
- Church of Chance

Minor Churches in Stirrot
- Temple of the Patient Arrow
- The Courts of Justice
- The Temple of Stars
- The Order of Thought
- Conventicle of the Great Tree

- The Dockside Doxy
- The Adventurer’s Inn
- The Salty Dog
- The Bugbear’s Armpit
- The Silver Swordsman

- The Plumed Piper
- The Wily Wench
- The Limping Lassie
- The Iron Tankard

Merchants & Services
The Noble Guild of Torchbearers
The Noble Guild of Appraisers
Zuulia’s Alchemistry Emporium
Goliath’s Goods

Life In Stirrot
Adventuring Parties
Stirrot Current Affairs

Stirrot Guard

Surrounding Areas
- Stormsoak Plains
- The Thistlewood
- The Village of Crovax
- Kro’Durgan Heights

Important Rules
Escaping The Dungeon

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