The Captain of the Stirrot Guard was attacked by someone, however the perpetrator was beaten and arrested.

The Temple of the Patient Arrow announces there will be an Archery Competition in approximately two weeks time.

The Flesh Creep of Castle Stirrot was destroyed by the Courts of Justice!

The soldiers of the Assembly of Light who went northwards have returned to Stirrot.

Numerous members from different gangs were found dead in a warehouse in Westport. On the walls, written in blood was the message “The Criminals Own Stirrot”

Krom the Barbarian was knocked off of first place on the Board of Champions by Lucky Lug and his Greenskinned Thugs.

Some soldiers from the Burnished Blades were arrested by the Stirrot Guard.

The Golden Alliance announces that they are hiring mercenaries to fight the pirate problem

A prominent lawyer from the Courts of Law is offering a reward of 1000sp to anyone with information leading to the discovery of the cleric of light, Tarin Padravan

Patrols on Dockside have become more frequent as a result of the fires that seem to be occurring there.

A new orphanage has opened up on Dockside. They are looking for people to work there.


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