The Adventurer's Inn

The Adventurer’s Inn is a large, three story building, the most prominent inn in Stirrot. Since the discovery of Stirrot Castle, it has become the home and gathering spot of many adventurers from across Tellene. Part of it’s popularity comes from the fact that it is the place where The Road to Glory begins, but others claim its charm comes from the community of adventurers that reside there and the traditions they practice.

The ground floor consists of an open air tavern, with tables set up in a large fenced garden outside the inn. Food and drink is served here by the three barmaids, Ailynne, Malali and Tiffa. Inside the building is a smaller bar and common area, as well as the kitchen and a few other rooms in the back.

The second floor consists of six rooms that are rented out as semi-private rooms for those not wishing to mingle with the masses, and the third floor consists of the eight private rooms for the most successful of delvers to stay in.

The Adventurer’s Inn has a booming trade in drinks, food and rumors. All sorts can be found here, and all are welcome so long as they have coin to spend and do not cause trouble. A total of four bouncers work around the clock to ensure the safety of patrons and their belongings, as well as to handle any troublemakers.

To one side of the bar on the first floor is a large billboard, upon which is scrawled “Dragons Defeated” and a list of names. The topmost name is “The Golden Spear Company” and a number 3 is displayed beside it.

The owner/proprieter is Elwynn Roarke, a man in his early thirties who claims to have been an adventurer himself in his heydey. He is assisted by his wife Clarissa and their two sons Hal and Norry in addition to the rest of the staff.

Proprieter: Elwynn Roarke
Meals Included? Yes
Lodgings Available
Private Rooms
Semi-Private Rooms
Common Flop Space

The Adventurer's Inn

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