The Courts of Justice

The Courts of Justice are based in a building known as the Little Tower. It is a small round tower, perhaps five stories tall – A decent size anywhere else in the world, yet it is dwarfed by the enormous tower of Hrothgar.

The Courts of Justice have a unique position in Stirrot – though they do not have the power to arrest anyone, they do have the power to judge those brought before them. They are in charge of much of the judicial system of Stirrot, though few choose to go to them, preferring to present themselves to the mercy of Lord Raeroa or the public courts instead.

A large courtyard outside the tower is often the home of numerous Truthseekers training alongside other warriors of all backgrounds. This small kobar is entirely run and administrated by the Courts of Justice, and many a warrior of the Stirrot Guard proudly claim to have been trained at the Little Tower.

The Church is led by Justice Vandakeer Luurailain.

The Courts of Justice

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