The Noble Guild of Appraisers

The Noble Guild of Appraisers reside within a small building, not far from the Castle itself. It is a quiet place with people coming and going with various odd items they seek to have appraised.

A small sign hanging within lists the services offered by the Noble Guild of Appraisers:

Cost Estimation of Individual Items
Performed by:
Apprentice – 5sp/item
Journeymen – 10sp/item
Guildsmen – 15sp/item
Master – 20sp/item

Quality Appraisal – 20sp/item

Magical Potential – 5sp/item

In-Depth Identification (No guarantee of success)
Apprentice – 10sp/day
Journeymen – 20sp/day
Guildsmen – 30sp/day
Master – 50sp/day

In addition to the above, a down payment of 50sp must be made in advance as a danger recompense. In the case of injury or death during in-depth identification, this amount will be given to the injured party or their family.

The Noble Guild of Appraisers

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