Adventures on Tellene - Stirrot Isle

Ballad of the Swag

They say Thugin’ ain’t easy? It’s peasy as shit,
Spendin’ ma gold, while I’m winnin’ in pits,
My record’s untouchable, I’m drippin’ in style,
Namin’ yo’ bruises keeps you fighting denial,

Rollin’ in green, we step to the door,
The castle that’s claimed all sorts of warriors befo’,
Payin’ our toll in blood, sweat and tears,
A group of gay dwarves see fit to appear.

Clearin’ out scum, as close as a motto,
Last thing you’ll see is bronze on a Cholo,
You fuck wit’ one, you fuck wit’ all,
Wonder how y’all get round wit’ dem dicks so small.

Fuck you,

Watchin’ ya’ll choke, gets me an erection,
Gon’ fuck yo bitches with zero protection,
Bust in her while she on the rag,
Ya’ll best warn yo’ friends ‘bout the Choloswag.

We’re sore to the eyes, like a nail in the wall,
A dead thug brings us all to the call,
When will you learn you can’t fuck with dis colours,
Lucky Lug, and his green skinned brothers.

But Goblin shenanigans is half-orc child’s play,
Half this half that? Get the fuck out my way,
Witness my fitness in conducting my business,
Killing a thug is pretty ambitious.

So send more than fireballs if you want us all dead,
Sonny days lie ahead covered in red,
Hand me your boot, I stepped on a spider,
Ended up earless and burned on a pyre.

Fuck yeah,

Rollin ma d12 to do some damage,
After she clean up, she made me a sandwich,
Tellin’ me how you fuck like a fag,
That’s why she suckin’ on the Choloswag.

Yield with your eyes, just save your enunciation,
My fists are ruthless with its punctuation,
You don’t need an inquisitor, to know I’m OG,
Even magical creatures have to tip toe ‘round me.

I’m a murderer, I cut out the trash,
Your shiny plates gon’ make you die with a rash,
I’m a legend! how you still fuckin’ wit me, brah?
Takin’ big bites outta apes and Chimera.

This is your last warning, you burned down my home,
I took it coz Luggy shook it, give you a taste of my chrome,
The next time you cast, you better think fast,
I’ll be spreadin’ yo ass, before you even ask.

Bangin’ yo wife and daughter at the same time,
Getting my dick sucked and spittin’ my rhyme,
They all fightin’ to empty my bag,
Coz I’m the mo fuckin’ Choloswag,

Hold up, heyyyy,
Why all these niggas thinking we soft?
We don’t, playyyy,
You gon’ fuck around and get yo’ dick,
Cut off, flayyyyed,
Thug life every day.


+2 Honor

Ballad of Swag

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