Adventures on Tellene - Stirrot Isle

Diary Entries of Mikor Huntswell, Naturalist of Stirrot


I have started this journal afresh, for a most astounding thing has happened, truly requiring it’s own chronicle. I heard rumors that a Svimohzian beast, called a Gorillia, an ape of preposterous proportions, is being brought in by ship courtesy of Don Migueligni. They are said to be upwards of 500 pounds, capable of the strength of 10 men, and by repute of one source; to wield powerful monkey magics.

I begged audience with the Don himself and lay my desires as a naturalist upon his mercy. I begged and the majority of my savings for the opportunity to study the beast. He has agreed, and I have staked all I have on this venture. When I publish the first naturalist study of this great best ever produced I shall be world renowned. My name will be whispered with hushed reverence in libraries and places of learning from Brandobia to Reanaaria. Scholars will venture from far to ask questions of Mikor Huntswell. But for now I have questions of my own:

Can the beast learn languages?
Does it walk on two legs or four?
How does it react to heat or cold?
What is it’s diet?

Many questions… soon Mikor shall have answers, a year of studying this wonder of nature is but a week away.


It seems the arrival of the Gorillia is not without purpose. They are to pit the savage beast against some poor half-orc in single combat to entertain revelers at the halls of wonder. Who is savage indeed? The Don has personally promised me uncompromised access to the beast once this Cholo Swag fellow has learnt of it first hand. The brutality of seeing a half-orc ripped to shreds offers no appeal to me, but I must witness the beast in action. I caught a glimpse of it in it’s cage as they brought it in today. It is glorious, magnificent, and worthy of my chronicling. Soon Mikor shall become foremost among scholars of the natural world of Tellene, my peers have seen much, but no one will ever top this. My life’s ambition, and it has flared a passion deep in my soul, I know the Gods’ have set this task before me and I shall not let them down.

I look forward to noting his behaviors in fighting and defending his territory. Will he eat Cholo? Do gorilla’s eat the flesh of semi-humans? Had I any money left and were I less morally sound I would wager in the fight, free money is not to be scoffed at.


The diary devolves into angry scribbles and the page is stained with tears



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