Adventures on Tellene - Stirrot Isle

Merlyl's log

First Day

So i came to this island thinking one thing, it is secluded and small, a perfect place to hide out and open up shop. told the fool at the docks that i was opening a cheese shop. guess its as good a front as any, perhaps i could get talon in on this venture… perhaps wine, he likes wine, although he did come up with a nice name for it, Killer Fromage. it has a nice ring to it.

anyways, this woman and her human walk up to us at the docks asking if we wanna go dungeon exploring. Talon wanted to go so i have no qualms with it, but i swear that human even looks at me funny and ill cut his balls off.

When we finally got to the castle there was not much to be seen, just a few shoddy buildings and not much else, inside there was some dog thing that blew itself up, it was pretty funny, talon should have seen the look on his own face, hilarious. hes gonna get himself killed one day if he doesnt own up to his fears.

we took a look around, the human turns out to not be useless because of his mapmaking, who needs maps though when you got brains? these guys said treasure, i say a fucking fork. anyways i bagged it cause nobody else wanted to. Turns out it was probably worth something as these filthy human cunts by the name of magnificant 7 stole it from me after the human shits himself and drops his weapon, useless human. Io on the otherhand cant fight so potentially equally useless there, although she seems to be hiding herself cleverly, ill have to consider that if i dont end up killing these blighters.

talon wants to kill the magnificunt 7, i just wanna kill. well find them and kill them i guess, in the mean time…

you notice the paper is sprayed with a gentle misting of blood and the name below writen in said blood
Merlyl, Assassin



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