Adventures on Tellene - Stirrot Isle

Tales of Stirrot (10.11.14)

It is the Vengeful Two and a Half’s day off or specifically 2 days off. They plan to spend one day preparing for entering Castle Stirrot and the second exploring the deadly halls.

The first day was spent wrapping up loose ends from the last adventure and selling the loot they found. They also went to investigate some rumours that were going around town about possible work in Westport. Thinking this to be a short task requiring no more than a day, they investigated. The quest they received seemed easy enough but little did they know of the danger ahead.

You may have already heard of the valor of the Burnished Blades as they took down a sect of the Temple of Strife who were participating in the foul act of human sacrifice. Well, whilst the Temple would not have been destroyed without the Blades help, it could also never have been accomplished without also the Vengeful Two and a Half’s planning and investigation.
Through trickery and silver tongues (and alcohol). The order was infiltrated and convinced to reveal the location of their hideout. Heroically leading the other half of the party and the burnished blades directly there. The alliance of groups managed to storm the den of evil and purge the Order including the so called leader of the group. In the process they also managed to rescue a potential victim of the orders machinations.

Despite taking a few hits, the Vengeful Two and a Half and the pair from the Burnished blades managed to survive the fight and purge this blight upon the city of Stirrot. Further investigation of the Orders hideout revealed plans to eventually invade the city and kill all it’s inhabitants. This deadly spark was quenched long before it could be fanned to flame.

The Blades are truly a force to be reckoned with and the Vengeful Two and a Half thank them for their help in this grave matter.


+2 Honor, +1 Fame

Tales of Stirrot (10.11.14)

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