Adventures on Tellene - Stirrot Isle

Adventure Log (Nov. 2nd)

Of Maces and Men

Consent to search is a tricky concept for Half-Orcs. The scene of Lug flanked by four green-skinned Thugs stripping to full nudity would have disturbed Chad, had it not become almost ritualistically repetitive at this point. Rules are rules however, and as long as Mrs. Chad never caught glimpse of what Cholo Swag was packing then it was at most a minor inconvenience. Rounding out the crew were Red Hand, Hellscream, Thug the Thug and torcher-bearers Bormir and Jeramiah. This is a rough recount of what Chad saw that day:

The Thugs enter with surprisingly few insults thrown at guards. Red Hand scribes a veritable essay in the complaint book, save for spelling mistakes and complete lack of all grammar it is a compelling argument against the Registration of Mages Act. The Thugs seem to discuss level three with eagerness if not uncontrollable gold-lust.

A single hour later they emerge. Several are bloodied and Hellscream is visibly limping. They carry a fair bit of treasure including a stash of steel bars. They stumble off in the direction of The Halls of Wonder, ostensibly to seek healing. Chad makes a mental note never to visit level three, heck level two even.

They return less than an hour later, healed up, jubilantly talking about Cholo and Hellscream bashing in the skulls of the Bruiser Brothers. Chad makes a mental note never to cross either of them. Additionally Cholo has a shit-eating grin on his face and a gigantic purple two-handed sword. Chad makes a mental note to visit the halls of wonder, the mental notes are beginning to pile up.

Eventually Cholo and Hellscream emerge hours apart, and the Sometime Six enter as well.

It seems the remaining Thugs are going to be delving through the night as the bell tolls closing time. That is until Lucky bursts out at the last second, followed by the remaining crew, nothing particularly noteworthy until Chad sees Jeramiah. Jeramiah has an almost visible glow and carries an over-sized gilded mace that looks like it could smash a mountain and still be worth a couple of castles in silver. The torch-bearer, of all people. Whatever the fuck has happened in the castle Chad gives up on comprehending, he needs some sleep.

As he turns in to work the next shift he makes one final mental note: it doesn’t seem like anyone saw the Sometime Six emerge from the dungeon that day, or the next.



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